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Wireless Network Installation in LINUX

Network and Internet has now become a part of life. Wireless Network in Linux is a big problem.
I have Level One 802.11g card with a Atheros AR5212 chipset, and it is working very fine to me in Fedora core 3, as far as i know it works for all the OS with kernel 2.6.*.

Network Installation in Fedora Core 2 (For Level One card only) :-
You need to have 3 rpms



download these rpms from somewhere (might be available on 150 ) and do

rpm -hiv *.rpm

after the installation of these three RPMS,

add this line to your /etc/modprobe.conf

alias ath0 ath_pci

create a file named ifcfg-ath0 in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

and add these lines to it.


then run command


and select the DNS tab of the window which opens up as the result of neat command, and enter
Primary DNS :
and in the Devices Tab double click your wireless network device, do following,
in the Wireless Settings TAB mention
Mode : Managed

Network Name SSID : IIIT WLAN

Key : 0xA

where 0x is customary and A is the 26 digit Network Key provided to you by the Wireless Network System Administrator.
Thats it !!
now select your wireless network device and press Activate Button
hope it should work.

Network Installation in Fedora Core 3 (For Level One card only) :-
You need to have 3 rpms



Rest procedure is same as mentioned for Fedora Core 2.

Network Installation in Fedora Core 4 (For Level One card only) :-
You need to have 2 rpms


Rest procedure is same as mentioned for Fedora Core 2.

One Alternate Method by Nishant Shobhit (For LEVEL ONE) :-
I have FC4 installed on my system and the same Level-1 card.The procedure given did not work properly in my case [:(].... (But for me and many of my frens it worked and we are using it. -- Devansh)

I had to use ndiswrapper,which is a utility to run WinXp wifi drivers in Linux.

The procedure is ->

1)-Download ndiswrapper
or from any other source
2)-Untar the .tar.gz file
3)-Go to the directory ndiswrapper-1.*
and install it using 'make' and
'make install'
4)-Mount the CD that you got alongwith the card.
5)-Go to the directory that contains the WinXp drivers.Type "ndiswrapper -i <*.INF file> to load the driver.Here <*.INF file> is your driver
6)-Now check if the driver has been loaded by "ndiswrapper -l".It will probably show a message "rt2500,driver found:Hardware found" .
7)-Now add the module using
"modprobe ndiswrapper"
8)-Check the log by "dmesg".If there is an error it is usually reported.This can be done at any point in the installation .You can also find out your wireless device name by this.
9)-Next step is :
iwconfig "devName" key open "key" ESSID "IIIT WLAN",where key is the wep key WITHOUT "0x",and devName is the device name.
10)-Run "dhclient devName"

Voila !! You are connected !!

P.S : If you cannot find your device name, create an empty file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/wlan0 . [ wlan0 will be your wireless device ]

Network Installation : ( FOR D-LINK CARD ) by Naveen Kumar Reddy :-


The above mentioned procedure by nishant may not work for the Dlink.Because ndiswrpper uses the windows drivers foe linux and Many windows drives (atleast for Dlink cards ) will require 8kb system stack.By default it will have 4kb stack.

So u need to compile the kernel from the source code for Dlink to work properly in FC4.
The procedure for configuring Dlink Wlan card for FC4(it may work for FC3 also but i didnt try !!)

Installation Instructions :

1)login as root into ur system.
2) The D-link Drivers for the FC4 are available in the diglib in dump folder.
3) Just copy the folders "wlan_setup" and "kernel2.6.12" to home directory
4) cd /usr/src/kernels
5) cp ~/linux-2.6.12.tar.bz2 .
6) bunzip2 linux-2.6.12.tar.bz2
7) tar -xvf linux-2.6.12.tar
8)cd linux-2.6.12/
9) make mrproper
10) make menuconfig

A graphical window will be displayed.
11) go to "kernel hacking" option
12) deselect the last option "instead of 4 KB stack size use 8 KB"
13)exit. it will ask to save the configuration. say yes.

Then at command prompt
14) make(This may take around 30 min !!)
15) make modules_install
16) make install

The above instructions are also available in the kernel README file
reboot and go to the new kernel(2.6.12) from grub.

Login as root ...

then execute the following set of commands

cd wlan_setup
cd ndiswrapper**
make distclean
make install

cd ../WinXP

ndiswapper -i ''<.inf file name>''
ndiswrapper -l
Then the output should look some thing like
***** drivers preset,hardware found

>>>> modprobe ndiswrapper
>>>> iwconfig wlan0 essid "IIIT WLAN" enc "0bee-f659-0bee-f659-0bee-f659-26"
>>> dhclient wlan0

Enjoy !! :)

U have to execute the last three commands when ever you login into ur machine as root.So better write a shell script !!

if u didnt get that hardware is present then use the drivers of windows that are given in the cd.

For detailed information see the "instruction.html" in "wlan_setup" directory ...

The above procedure is worked for many of my friends....
if any probs let me know


As i am not using D-Link card so i am not aware of its installation, if someone knows then please leave comments to this blog with complete procedure, then i will update that entry in the blog.


At 2:07 AM, Blogger Naveen said...

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At 2:15 AM, Blogger Naveen said...

The new D-link cards are coming with atheros chipset,so there is no need to install a new kernel and then use the ndiswrapper drivers.

Since these are coming with the atheros chipset u can use the madwifi derivers.
so Those who have New D-link card can follow the LEVEL ONE procedure.

No need to follow the BIG procedure Described for the D-link, that is for only with TI chipset (G520+ cards)


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